Insurance For M.O.D. Personnel

Welcome to the Reason Global on-line insurance facility dedicated to UK service personnel moving Worldwide or entering into a long term storage contract within the UK. The insurance provided is backed by leading European Insurers with UK based claims handling agents who have access to a Worldwide network of Loss Adjusters.

When completing the information requested please make sure you value your effects correctly. You should ascertain the replacement cost at destination. Prices may vary considerably from the U.K and we suggest you consult the appropriate embassy for guide-lines.

If the value you indicate is not sufficient any claim will be subject to “average”. For example, this means that if you insure an item for £100 and it is found to be worth £200 at your destination then you may only be paid a proportion of the amount that you have stated on the proposal form.

To retrieve a previous quote, please enter the quotation reference number and your password in the boxes below and press the ‘Retrieve Quote’ button.

Removals Insurance

Please click the following link if you require insurance for the transit of your household and personal effects. This insurance also covers incidental storage for a maximum period of 60 days at origin and destination. No additional storage cover is available under this insurance. In the event of the total loss of your consignment you will have been put to the expense of shipping your effects to no avail. If you insert the cost of the Shipping and Packing costs in the appropriate section of the proposal form these costs will be met by the insurance company, following a total loss.

Storage Insurance

Please click the following link if you require insurance for storage within the UK only of your household and personal effects. Minimum charge 12 months. The cover provided by this insurance will include the risk of delivering into store and subsequent delivery out of store as long as this is within the 12 month policy term

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